Chicken Raw Pet Food ~3.2kg

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Do NOT cook. Raw chicken bones are soft, cooking them will harden the bones and may cause problems to your pet.
Feed a half pound raw food for every 25 pounds of pet weight, per day.
If your pet is new to raw food, start with 25% raw and 75% of their regular food, slowly building up to a full raw diet.
Often times when switching a pet to a raw diet they will experience detox symptoms such as lethargy, soft stool, watery eyes, itching, "doggy smell" and generally not feeling well. This is totally normal! It can last anywhere from 1-4 weeks depending on the age of the dog and the quality of food they were eating previously. It is important that you feed the same thing until your dog is past this, and once they are doing well, you can add more variety to their diet.

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