Mediterranean Dairy Free Pizza 411g


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Let your imagination run wild. Daiya's new Mediterranean Vegetable Crust Pizza gives you all the plant-based flavor you could ever hope for in a truly tasty pizza. The delicious, crisp gluten-free crust is packed with cauliflower, sweet potatoes and spinach, then paired with tomato herb sauce and topped with the best-ever dairy-free Cutting Board Mozza Flavour Shreds and feta style crumbles.

Gluten-free crust (water, vegetable blend (cauliflower, sweet potato, spinach), tapioca flour, rice flour, potato starch, chickpea flour, rice starch, milled flaxseed, olive oil, cane sugar, yeast, psyllium, guar gum, sea salt), Mozza and feta flavoured plant-based cheeze blend (filtered water, tapioca flour, coconut oil, expeller pressed: canola and/or safflower oil, potato starch, vegan natural flavours, salt, chickpea protein, tricalcium phosphate, lactic acid (vegan), xanthan gum, pea protein, konjac flour, concentrated pumpkin juice (colour), yeast extract, vegan enzyme), Tomato basil sauce (water, tomatoes, olive oil, basil, black pepper, garlic, oregano, salt), Tomatoes, Olives, Onions, Garlic, Oregano.