Fresh Oat Milk 946ml


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This fresh oat milk is about to transform the way you think about dairy alternatives. That’s right, completely plant-based, with 5g protein and 3g fibre per serving, the main grains are a triple knock-oat — they’re organic, gluten free, and Canadian. Plus, they bring 35% of your RDA of heart-healthy beta-glucan fibre. With just four other ingredients, this oat milk got one of the cleanest labels oat there — no stabilizers, gums, or preservatives here, so it tastes exactly as you’d expect — like oats (who’d have thought it?).

Creamy and smooth, it tastes great by myself, but has so much more to bring to the breakfast table: great in smoothies and make a kick-ass cereal sidekick, and even a baking whizz! If we're being toatally honest though, lait-ing it all out there, it's not all that smooth in the coffee-making department — the one downfall of having such a clean label is that I don’t contain an acidity regulator, so my emulsion will break when you put me in hot coffee. No matter, friends: drink and stir! Please note: beverage prices include bottle deposits and CRFs (Container Recycling Fee).