San Francisco Sourdough (Half Loaf/Full Loaf)


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Half Loaf - 525g
Full Loaf - 1kg

Since 1993, Kaslo Sourdough produces a variety of sourdough breads using a traditional fermentation technique. The flavour and shape of this bread resembles more a traditional French Sourdough bread than an actual San Francisco loaf. This loaf has a much milder, aromatic flavour compared to the customary acrid vinegar-like taste of the San Francisco bread. However, since we live in North America and everyone is familiar with this bread, they call it San Francisco. The sourdough also somewhat represents the microbiology of the local area here, so it may one day change back to its roots and be called the Kaslo Sourdough.

unbleached white wheat flour, natural spring water, natural sourdough, golden yellow sugar, salt