Delivery Options


Delivery is now available through the Kootenay Co-op Online Shop, partnered with the KTK Masala Shop. There is a $10.50 fee (added to your order at checkout) for the service and is limited to city limits (3km distance from our store). Please contact our team directly if you would like delivery outside this area and we will provide you with pricing based on your location.

The delivery windows are available at checkout and listed below. Depending on the number of orders for delivery, as well as the distance needed to be traveled, you will ideally receive your order within an hour of being picked up at the store. We will contact you in the case your order might arrive late, or any changes need to be made.

  • Tuesday & Friday 10-11 & 5-6
  • Thursday & Saturday 10-11

Once at checkout, make sure you select “Local Delivery”. You will be asked to enter your postal code information so we can assure that you are within our delivery area. Select your preferred date & time, make sure that you will be available throughout the entire delivery window selected as we cannot accurately predict arrival time. Use the notes section to indicate any delivery details that our driver should be aware of when dropping off your groceries.


Community delivery options are available to seniors exclusively and must be coordinated by customers *before* selecting a pickup date and time when you check out. They will let you know what information they need to pick up your order. When the delivery service comes to pick up your order for you, they will need to provide us with your full name and order number.


Phone Contact

Email Contact


Days of Operation

Item Capacity

Service Area

Nelson Seniors (Seniors Coordinating Society)

250-352-6008 or



No Max

City Limits

East Shore Delivery



Tuesday & Thursday

No Max

Crawford Bay, Riondel, Gray Creek, North Shore to Balfour