Chicken Thighs (~500g/~1.2kg)


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The top portion of the leg above the knee joint that is connected to the body of the chicken. Consists of all dark meat. Use your favourite breading, bake slowly in sauce, or fire up the BBQ – these thighs offer up top quality flavour no matter how you cook them. Robust and dark, the meat’s superior taste will impress the whole family. Bone-in chicken thighs are popular with people following the keto diet, as the skin and meat have healthy fats, along with good marrow around the bone.

You may receive your meat from one of two farms:
Bradner Farms is an ORGANIC supplier located in Abbotsford and Ashcroft. They are committed to best practices in humane animal care and raising healthy birds in a natural environment. Chickens are fed a custom designed diet of wholesome certified organic grain.
Chuckureese is a TRUE LOCAL supplier in the Creston Valley. They raise pasture raised chickens, fed certified organic feed. Their chickens are moved to new grass every day. They take great pride in how their chickens are raised.

Chicken (Organic or True Local)