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Venison is a very rich, flavourful meat.

Cervena venison is part of the New Zealand story and is celebrated by discerning chefs around the world for its taste, texture and versatility. Cervena is the ideal meat from which a chef can freely create beautiful and inspired dishes. Cervena, Pure Freedom. Back in 1991 a group of visionary farmers saw the potential to brand quality New Zealand farm-raised venison.
Their vision was clear – as the Champagne appellation immediately conveys the image of quality sparkling wine from the Northwest region of France – their appellation would come to convey premium pasture-raised venison from New Zealand. They named this appellation Cervena. Fast forward to today, and a handful of specialized venison marketing companies in New Zealand are licensed to use the Cervena appellation.
To qualify as Cervena, the animals must be 3 years and under, have access to pasture all year round, and come from farms that are compliant with the industry quality assurance standards. To ensure consistency and quality, Cervena must be processed to industry-agreed standards.