Muscle Ease Essential Oil Blend 12ml


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The ache and pain of a sore muscle is effectively resolved when this soothing remedy is applied. Twisted ankles, sore necks, stiff backs, sore and tired feet, bruises, and strains will be eased with this very popular remedy. Apply before your workout as protection and after the workout for repair and recovery. Helps restore the body from injury, pain, and stress. Use at full strength for crushing injuries. Dilute to 25% essential oil to carrier oil for isolated strains and sprains. Dilute up to 5% essential oil to carrier oil for large applications such as a back rub.

100% pure, ethically sourced essentials oils of Betula lenta, Rosmarinus officinalis, Juniperus communis, Thymus vulgaris Ct Thymol & Menthe piperita.