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Gouda, is a Dutch cheese named after the city of Gouda in the Netherlands. It is one of the most popular cheeses in the world, accounting for 50 to 60 percent of the world's cheese consumption. Hard-core Gouda fans prefer to taste the aged Gouda, as they feel it takes years of maturing to bring out the complex flavours of the cheese. As with all other cheeses, aged Gouda gets its colour by adding a colouring agent called annatto. With ageing, Gouda develops calcium lactate crystals formed by the lactic acid in the cheese. It proffers an enjoyable crunch that is unique to waxed cheeses. Gouda cheese goes well with beer and red wines. The taste of Vintage or Aged Gouda gets a new definition when it is paired with some white wines and any fruity wine.

Milk, Salt, Bacterial Culture, Anatto (natural carotennoid colour), Rennet.