Pesto Oil 250ml


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As a lover of flavor, a creator of culinary experiments and an enjoyer of delicious dishes, you live for trying new things and tasting the results. You are always in search of fresh flavors and unique options for crafting new cuisine and enhancing your dishes. La Tourangelle Pesto Oil is exactly the fresh, unusual and delightful burst of flavor you need to spice up your cooking. La Tourangelle has created an elegantly delicious cooking oil in its Walnut Pesto Oil. The flavor of Roasted Walnut Oil harmonizes the natural basil and garlic infusions into an oil with true and tasty Pesto notes. Drizzle onto pasta and salads, or just add salt for an easy dipping sauce!

Organic high-oleic sunflower seed oil, Walnut oil (walnut), Sunflower oil, Basil, Garlic.