Organic Oat Crackers 250g


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At Nairn's they care passionately about the environment. That's why Nairn's Organic Oatcakes not only taste good, they are also full of natural goodness. The oats baked in this product are grown organically - without the use of pesticides or insecticides. This allows the oats to thrive naturally and also helps encourage soil fertility. Even their cartons come from sustainable forests, so you can enjoy their Organic Oatcakes knowing that they're good for you and good for the planet too. They are certified by the Soil Association. They've recently added organic oatbran into their Organic Oatcakes which makes them even higher in fibre. These Organic oatcakes are simple and delicious. Try them as the perfect blank canvas for your favourite topping, or as an alternative to bread.

Organic wholegrain oats (85%), organic sunflower oil, organic sustainable palm fruit oil, organic oatbran (3%) sea salt, raising agent: sodium bicarbonate