Platinum Pro Liposomal C1000 180sg 180c


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Formulated by Naka, Liposomal C 1000 is a form of vitamin C that is fat soluble, making it have a better absoprtion rate by providing better absorption of Vitamin C into all cells. Liposomal C is a powerful antioxidant because much free radical damage occurs at this cellular level and without the right kind of fat soluble antioxidant, your cell membranes are not protected. Naka's Liposomal C contains 1000mg of non-allergen high potency Liposomal Vitamin C for superior absorption.

Vitamin C (Sodium Ascorbic) 1000mg, 3 Softgels Contain Vitamin C (Sodium Asorbic). Non-Medicinal Ingredients: Phospholipids (from sunflower), Medium Chain Triglycerides, Beeswax Yellow, Purified Water, Gelatin (BSE free bovine source Halal certified), Caramel, Glycerin (vegetable source)