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Orca Family
Eagle Tradition

Stir up some fun with Native Northwest bright and cheerful Spatulas. These Spatulas are FDA-approved and feature a solid beech wood handle and a removable heat-resistant, food-safe ink silicone head. Featuring Indigenous artwork, these mini spatulas are ideal for spreading frosting on delicate cupcakes or scooping the last bit of deliciousness from jars. Let the mixing, baking, and of course, eating begin!

FDA silicone spatula with beech wood handle
Owls: Simone Diamond - Coast Salish
Orca Family: Paul Windsor - Haisla,Heiltsuk
Sasquatch: Francis Horne, Sr - Coast Salish
Moose: Terry Starr - Tsimshian
Eagle Tradition: Morgan Asoyuf - Tsimshian