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New Roots Herbal’s Stevia White Powder Concentrate is a pure standardized extract from the leaves of the stevia plant, Stevia rebaudiana, commonly known as “sweet leaf” in many countries. Their pure extract contains the sweet glycosides (stevioside and rebaudiside) that account for the great taste and sweetness of between 200× and 300× that of sugar. The sweet taste of stevia has a more gradual onset and a longer duration than sugar, and is free from sugar-related spikes in blood glucose levels that can negatively impact energy levels and even mood. Stevia is an excellent alternative to both sugar and artificial sweeteners for coffee, tea, cooking and baking. Long-term effects of artificial sweeteners are still emerging, including a possible link between aspartame and “grand mal” seizures. Conversely, stevia has a centuries old history of safe use by indigenous peoples of South America, and a safe history of use in its concentrated form in Japan exceeding four decades. Stevia will not promote tooth decay, is safe for diabetics, and is excellent for those searching for ways to reduce caloric intake without sacrificing the flavour of their food and beverages.

Stevia rebaudiana (leaf) extract.