Purple Daikon Radish ~300g

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Purple Daikon radishes have a mild, sweet, and peppery flavor well suited for raw, cooked, and pickled preparations. The radishes can be eaten with or without the skin, and when raw, the flesh can be thinly sliced and incorporated into salads, used as a raw vessel for dips, or chopped and mixed into slaws. Once cooked, the flesh softens to a consistency similar to a potato and develops a neutral flavor. The radish’s skin is semi-smooth, textured, and firm, showcasing light purple to violet hues. Underneath the surface, the flesh is dense, crisp, and bi-colored, streaked with purple stripes over a white base. This product currently comes from a True Local supplier. Please note that occasionally we may have to supplement from a non-True Local farm.

Organic Purple Daikon Radish