Avocado Oil Goddess Dressing 237ml


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This classic and creamy, Primal Kitchen Green Goddess Dressing is made with organic herbs and spices like tarragon, black pepper, garlic cloves, chives, and parsley for a flavourful experience. What makes our keto and paleo-friendly Green Goddess dressing greener than the rest? It contains 100% avocado oil, a heart-healthy oil that helps your body absorb more nutrients from the foods you’re dressing up in Green Goddess style! Unlike others on the market, this Whole30 approved Green Goddess dressing contains no soy or dairy, no added sugar, is totally gluten-free and contains coconut aminos and apple cider vinegar. Primal Kitchen Green Goddess dressing adds a savoury spice to any meal, and is perfect for drizzling over grilled chicken or shrimp, and, of course, as your go-to salad dressing. Pour it on with zest!

Avocado Oil, Water, Apple Cider Vinegar*, Dijon Mustard* (Apple Cider Vinegar*, Water, Mustard Seed*, Sea Salt, Spices*), Coconut Sauce* (Coconut Sap*, Sea Salt), Distilled Vinegar*, Acacia Gum*, Guar Gum*, Sea Salt, Dried Whole Egg*, Concentrated Lemon Juice*, Black pepper*, Garlic*, Chives*, Tarragon, Parsley*, Savory*, Rosemary Extract*. *Organic