Sugar Pie Pumpkin ~1.5kg

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Sugar Pie pumpkins are small to medium in size. The flesh is moist, pale orange, fine-grained, and dense encasing a central cavity filled with pulp and flat, cream-colored seeds. When cooked, Sugar Pie pumpkins are tender and buttery with a sweet, earthy, and nutty flavor. They are most commonly used for baking and can be pureed into pies, cheesecake, pancakes, tarts, bread, custards, and flan. In addition to sweet preparations, Sugar Pie pumpkins can be used in savory dishes such as soups, hollowed out, stuffed, and baked similarly to acorn squash, cubed and roasted as a side dish, or sliced into wedges and grilled. This product currently comes from a True Local supplier. Please note that occasionally we may have to supplement from a non-True Local farm.

Sugar Pie Pumpkin