Chai Latte 60% Chocolate Bar 85g


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Wild Mountain Chocolate Chai Latte, an immediate favourite! This small batch 60% natural chai spice flavoured dark is a perfect blend of deep dark chocolate with creamy notes and a specially selected organic chai spice. Using a lovely well rounded chai spice with a warm cinnamon base and hints of vanilla. Just like our Caffe Mocha bar, it is smooth and creamy with an infusing and melding of the chocolate and chai flavours right from the start. Vegan, nut-free, and soy-free, and made with organic ingredients, Wild Mountain Chocolate Chai Latte flavoured artisan dark chocolate is like a warm hug bringing joy to chai lovers and non chai lovers alike. Layers of flavour and a tad caffeinated, it’s perfect for a mid-afternoon pick-me-up! Just go easy before bed!

Chocolate* (Cocoa Beans*, Cane Sugar*, Cocoa Butter*, Chai Spice*), Sugar* (*organic)