Peru 85% Chocolate Bar 85g


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Wild Mountain Chocolate Peru small batch, two ingredient, 85% dark maximizes the bold, rich flavours of the best beans of Peru, a cacao producing nation on the rise. From the Oro Verde Co-op in the Amazon region of Peru this chocolate offers a complex taste profile that is fresh and only mildly acidic. Enjoy toasted blackberry, cherry, and citrus notes along with a hint of tobacco as well as a warm finish of fresh almonds. Vegan, nut-free, and soy-free, and made with organic ingredients, Wild Mountain Chocolate Peru handmade, artisan dark chocolate is an easy favourite for any chocolate lover. Eat straight from the wrapper or use in your favourite recipes to add delicious, sophisticated range and depth of flavour.

Cocoa Beans*, Cocoa Butter*, Cane Sugar* (*organic)