Thwart Essential Oil Blend 12ml


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The micro-biome of the body, when in balance, contains a symbiotic community of microorganisms in harmony. However, certain situations affect our fine balance, resulting in an over growth of fungus, unwanted bacteria and other microorganisms. The outcome can be warts, toe fungus, candida overgrowth, thrush, tinea versicolour and many more stubborn health conditions. Emery Herbals Thwart Essential Oil blend was created to help resolve persistent warts and toe fungus with several clients and has since gone on to treat many fungal disorders bringing the micro-biome of the body back to balance. It is recommended to address systemic micro-biome imbalance in conjunction with use of this formula. Use at a 10% dilution ratio with carrier oil for fungal-based concerns. Apply one drop neat to warts and stubborn toe fungus.

100% pure, ethically sourced essential oils of Cymbopogon citratus, Cedrus deodora, Melaleuca quinquenervia & Thymus vulgaris Ct Thymol