Collagen Protein Bar Raspberry Chocolate (55g/8x55g)


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Genuine Health Pure Chocolate Raspberry Collagen Protein Bars provide your daily dose of collagen (7g), 14g of protein and 9g of fibre. Perfect for increasing your collagen intake at any time or when you want a combined serving of protein and collagen. Preventing collagen loss has never tasted so good.

Protein blend (hydrolyzed bovine collagen, fermented pea protein isolate, sesame protein concentrate), Sugar (date paste, brown rice syrup), Chicory root fibre, Sunflower seed butter (sunflower seeds, sunflower seed oil), Chocolate chips (organic cane sugar, unsweetened chocolate, unsweetened chocolate, organic coconut oil, coconut butter, natural flavours, cocoa powder, organic quinoa flakes, freeze-dried raspberry, sunflower lecithin, citrus fibres, malic acid, citric acid, sea salt, stevia leaf extract, mixed tocopherols.