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EASY TO MAKE WATER KEFIR GRAINS STARTER KIT. 8 piece. Do It Yourself water kefir kit. 1/4 cup LIVE water kefir grains included. We make it easy to grow and make amazing water kefir drinks. Probiotic rich, 100% Organic and Vegan friendly. Our kefir kit will allow you to culture your own kefir grain beverage within 48 hours. Reusable kefir grains multiply and create an abundance of this healthy refreshment. Kefir can be naturally flavoured to create your own personal favourite tastes. Our Water kefir grains are 100% organic, 100% vegan and probiotic rich, giving you a very happy gut. Kefir water is light and delicious and there are so many different ways to flavour your water kefir drinks. Our kefir grains are of the highest quality. Kefir can help boost immunity and energy, enhance your gut health, and calm bloating.

This kefir starter kit includes: 1/4 cup LIVE water kefir grains, brewing jar, swivel top bottle, nylon strainer, wooden spoon, plastic funnel, organic cane and coconut sugar, and candied ginger to make Ginger-ale soda.