Digestive Enzymes HCL 100c


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Digestive enzymes are proteins tailored to break down foods into nutrients that your body can then readily digest. The human body produces 22 different digestive enzymes. Many more are found in fruits, vegetables, meats, grains, and other foods. Pancreatic production of the enzymes critical to the digestive process diminishes as we age. Disease and blockages of the pancreatic duct can further impair the digestive process. DigestiveEnzymes contains protease, amylase, and lipase to supplement a compromised pancreas. These enzymes break down protein, carbohydrates, and fat, respectively, to help maximize nutrient absorption from food. Betaine hydrochloride is secreted by the stomach cells. It is not found in food, but is essential in breaking down fats and proteins, and in establishing a proper pH for overall gastric function. Papain and pepsin initiate protein digestion within the stomach. They break down proteins to amino acids and peptides for ease of intestinal absorption.