Maple Organic Stroopwafel Cookies 240g


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North Americans No Longer Have to Leave Home to Enjoy Tasty Dutch "Stroopwafel" Treat. The original "stroopwafel," or syrup waffle, dates back to 18th century Holland, where people in the Gouda region just couldn't get enough of the delicious, caramel-filled waffle biscuits. Today, this legendary Dutch treat, with its smooth center, is more popular than ever... and not just in Holland. The stroopwafel is the single best-selling food item at Amsterdam's Schiphol airport, as tourists grab for one more last great taste before they leave or to take a supply home with them.

Wheat flour*, Palm oil*, Rice syrup*, Cane sugar*, Whole wheat flour*, Soy flour*, Molasses*, Sea salt, Soy Lecithin*, Maple sugar*, Sodium Bicarbonate, Natural flavor. *Certified Organic Grown.