Center Cut Beef Shank True Local ~700g


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Though it’s a pretty tough meat area, with its cheaper price tag reflecting that, it not only tenderizes well when cooked slowly, but the tissue in the cuts, which is full of collagen, turns into a superbly flavoured gelatin which makes this meat good for stews and soups.

You may receive your meat from one of two True Local farms:
Tarzwell Farms provides beef that have been born, raised, fed, and harvested, right in the Creston Valley. They raise the animals naturally without hormones or routine antibiotics, and allow time and feed to finish the animals. They strive to source everything we can locally. Tarzwell Farms have all of the beef inspected in their on-farm inspection facility and graded by the Canadian Beef Grading Agency to ensure that a minimum quality is met.
Cutter Ranch's focus is on quality. Their animals have been chosen for their superiority, raised with care and attention, and had space to roam. They go to great lengths to make sure they provide the best diet possible, whether it's high-quality cereal grains or healthy pasture. You can trust that the food you feed your family is authentic and sustaining.

True Local Beef